Identifying Super Energizers is a key benefit of Energy Mapping TM. These positively impactful and well-connected employees are significant human capital to be understood and leveraged. And, it turns out, one of the key ways that Super Energizers positively impact the company is through being brand advocates.

A whole business and culture has developed around the idea of the Net Promoter Score and its language of advocates versus detractors. I’ve seen it used with employees, customers, and stakeholders. There are, of course, detractors of the use of Net Promoter. Why is it used so much? Because organizations care about the extent to which people are recommending them to others.

Brand advocates are so valuable. They help with customers and they help with existing and potential employees.

Energy Mapping can help find them. In parallel to the map, we asked employees in a large organization (1000+ employees) how positive they are about the employee experience. On average employees rate the company 7.8 out of 10. They are positive and potential advocates. What then happens when we single out Super Energizers?

It turns out, Super Energizers are more positive about the employee experience. They are brand advocates internally and externally. Consider the negatives. Few Super Energizers (7%) are negative compared with 13% of the rest of the company.

A comparison of how Super Energizers and the rest of an organization rate the employee experience. Super Energizers are more likely to be brand advocates.

In a separate question, Super Energizers were also more likely to recommend the organization.

On the positive side, think of what you can do if you know who your Super Energizers are and know they are advocates? Can you help them be even more impactful? Can you include them in employee training? Do they understand the company strategy? And, do they support it?

Of course, not all Super Energizers are positive about the employee experience in this organization. There are some pockets of discontent. Knowing where this is occurring is of critical importance because Super Energizers are very influential (that is why they are energizers). With map in hand, you can be empowered.

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