Look around your workplace. What do you see? Unless you work alone, you probably see your colleagues. And, it turns out your relationships with these colleagues are a critical ingredient in your workplace happiness and productivity. In turn, these positive relationships drive company success. So they question is, how many co-workers are energizing people?

Energizing people = energized and productive workforce.

Of course, we know that workplace engagement is actually low. Workplace unhappiness is at epidemic levels in some organizations and sectors. Which is why we need to pivot. Let’s stop thinking about employee engagement and satisfaction in terms of workplace rules, processes and efforts. Instead, focus on the people. Energy levels, not engagement levels, are depleted and need our attention.

We all know that your body needs fuel in the form of food (calories). We use it up and need to refuel. Workers with low energy move slower, do not think as clearly, and ultimately are less productive. It is why you need breaks and opportunities to re-charge at work.

Food is not, however, the only type of energy we need. People also need positive social interaction. Your energy can be either depleted or replenished by the nature of the social interactions you have in the workplace. The physical is not the only energy needs we need to be concerned with.

Intuitively we know this to be true. As one senior leader expressed to me.

When I am having a tough day, I walk out of my office and find the one person at work who always makes me feel more positive. It does not matter what we talk about. I just end up in my office a few minutes later better able to deal with the rest of the day

Senior executive

What Business Managers Say about Energizing People

A survey of 1058 business managers and leaders in the United States conducted for ENRGY Inc found that 93% of business leaders agree they get more accomplished when they work with people who are energizing. People who are energizing are not only more productive themselves but they increase the productivity and engagement of the people around them.

So ask yourself the question, how many of the people you work with energize you? Do you agree, that these positive relationships make for a better work experience?

At ENRGY Inc. we know that the key to unlocking the power of the people in any organization is understanding where the energy is. And understanding your energy dynamics is the first step in improving the positive impact people have on each other. This could be through process development, talent management, or skills development. It all starts with a map…

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