Our approach intentionally and deliberately analyses your employee network and helps you harness the energy for positive change and growth.

Energy Mapping is the science of visualizing energy to identify groups, relationships and super energizers.

A Connected Network

Strongly connected organizations have lots of positive ties that foster cooperation, collaboration and communication.

A Less Connected Network

A less connected organization runs the risk of de-energizing the culture and eliminating effective collaboration.
Organizations are used to thinking in terms of a hierarchy of boxes. Roles and functional responsibilities filled (at the time with a person). This misses the dynamics between people that are helping and hindering your business success.

Super Energizers are Essential for Your Business Success

Click here to see how Super Energizers in your organization differ from others and why you may not know who they are.

ENRGY Inc. harnesses the insights from research into energy networks at work and builds upon it in a proprietary model designed to effectively understand the human and organizational dynamics within your organization.

When you see the map you will see your organization as an organic, social enterprise because the map captures a snapshot of the human dynamics that define your current culture.

Starting with energy allows you to re-imagine your organization as a network of energy and influence.