Every organization is trying to change something. With good reason. But change is difficult and failed efforts cost companies both in real and opportunity costs. And, those who fail to change often don’t survive. The average brand life is now a paltry 15 years. As a result there is no better reason to ensure that when you launch a change initiative you populate the team responsible with the right people.

How to Choose the Right Person

The right personfor your team is someone who cares about your brand, believes in its purpose, can work effectively with colleagues and can influence others. These are some of the key traits of Super Energizers; well-connected employees who are having a positive impact on others. 

  • It turns out that Super Energizers are really effective brand ambassadors. Our research shows that the people they positively impact are more likely to want to stay with the company. These people are reducing your turnover issues and can be even more effective if you leverage them.
  • Super Energizers believe in and are working toward a better employee and customer experience. Because when you ask a Super Energizer what needs to change, and they will not give lizard-brain, self-interest ideas, but rather constructive ideas based on a desire to improve the experience for everyone. They believe in what you are.
  • Because they have a positive impact on others, people listen to them and seek them out for advice and information. Your change initiative will be more successful if these are the people communicating the changes and helping you navigate the process for change.

Each change initiative is an opportunity to engage your internal capital for change. Including Super Energizers on your team reduces the risk that the initiative will fail. Think about how effective a team can be if no one is having a negative impact on the process. Instead you will have positive energy with purpose.

Furthermore, to activate your Super Energizers you need to know who they are. Some are, of course, the people you already know. Others are unknown to the management team. They are quietly impacting the organization for good, and you don’t even know them. Energy Mapping finds them for you.

Before you implement your next change, contact us to know more about how Energy Mapping can help populate your teams with the right people.

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Richard Jenkins Ph.D