Every organization has one. Usually it is hierarchical with boxes linked together with lines. People are often concerned about which box they are in and many hope to change boxes. But, no one should be fooled into believing their org chart says anything about how their company works. 

Companies are not a set of boxes. It is a set of people with skills, dreams, and emotions. And these people are connected to some degree to other members of the team.  Many of the connections are natural work ties that resemble your org chart, but many do not. These connections, both the ones you expect and those you are not aware of, are central to communication, collaboration and effectiveness. 

Your organization is a living breathing eco system, not just its org chart.

Arguable, how your people work together is the critical driver of your success. Too often, however, we ignore this fact when we are thinking about an organization. Because let’s face it, it is a lot easier to think of your organization in terms of roles and processes that need fixing, tweaking or updating. 

And, until now, companies did not have the right tool to think of their organization as a network of connected people. Now they do. Energy mapping TM.  

By mapping the energy in your organization, we are able to see not only the energy but the formal and informal connections that bring everyone together. 

  • Is your sales team connected to the product folks? Should they be?
  • Who are the members of your team that occupy central roles in bridging different parts of the company?

At the core energy mapping, shows you the dynamic, human element in your company?

For more information, tools and advise about how to measure, map, leverage and heighten the energy in your organization, please reach out to  enrgy.com.

Richard Jenkins Photo

Richard Jenkins, PhD.