It is a sign of individual and organizational stress that many business leaders are not energized by the personal interactions they have at work. The energy one gets from others is a litmus test for productivity. On this test, many businesses could be improved.

The ENRGY Inc. survey of business leaders asked directly how much energy people get from their work interactions. According to the survey results, 68% of business leaders are energized (only 12% are strongly energized) by personal interactions at work. More than one in ten (12%) are de-energized. Many people are simply not getting positive energy from their work relationships.

Humans are social. So when individuals are energized by the people around them, they are more productive, happy and engaged. Not only is this beneficial for them but their energy is passed on to others.

Notably, those in smaller organization are more likely to be energized. Those in the most senior roles in companies also report getting more energy.  The tendency for those who are owners or senior management (CEO/VP) to feel more energized by their personal interactions at work, may lead them to perceive the workplace differently than the rest of business people.

Positive Energy is a critical asset in high performing organizations. The interpersonal network that employees feel is impacting your organizations, which is why we map it. Energy mapping offers the opportunity to see the interpersonal dynamic in your company and to leverage it for change and improvement.

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About the survey: Online B2B survey of 1058 business managers and leaders in the United States conducted for ENRGY Inc. by SSI between May 30 and June 10, 2017.