Is your organization ready and able to change? Strategically, it may be necessary but it might be more difficult than you think. One of the compelling reasons for undertaking Energy MappingTMis to address this question. Energy measurement offers the opportunity to understand the capacity for change. That is, how likely change initiatives will succeed or fail.

Energy is fuel. A resource that helps you move and in its absence, you usually go no where and accomplish little. Your car needs fuel to go. People need fuel to go. If this is true for people and vehicles, it will be true for organizations. 

What then does energy mean for an organization? And, how does this energy produce a capacity for change?

Instinctively we know when we are in the presence of a person who gives us energy. Of course, the opposite is also true. We are often in the presence of people who suck the energy out of the room when in their presence. ENRGY’s proprietary approach provides a measure of this impact of employees, which then can be rolled up to measure the energy of a team, division, or company. Simply put, the more energizing people, the more energizing the company.

And, energy is a strong measure of the capacity for change. If you think about the traits of energizers, you can see how the more energy in the organization the more it will be able to pivot, innovate and otherwise go in a new organization. 

  • Energizing people are listened to and more persuasive. The more of these people the organization has, the more people within the organization that can be brought on board. An energizer can influence their network to accept the change. De-energizing people are not able to influence people.
  • Energizing people are more productive and effective. These people will accomplish more when tasked with implementing change. This is also why you should populate your change team with Super Energizers.
  • Energizing people are strong brand ambassadors. Assuming, the changes align with the brand purpose, they will strongly back the change.

Before you implement your next change, contact us to know more about how Energy Mapping can help. Energy is a critical KPI.

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Richard Jenkins Ph.D